Monday, March 17, 2014


Magic in your eyes ,makes me realize,Eyes have a language too
Magic in your face, makes me bloom,like a sunflower for the sun
Magic in your smile, makes me walk a hundred mile, just for a glimpse
Magic in your arms ,makes me warm ,in the chilling cold outside
Magic in your kindness ,makes me devoid of sadness
Magic is in everything you say that makes my day
Magic is in everything and everywhere because you are there
Magic is in everything for the joy you bring
Magic is in everything come what may for in your life I’ll stay
Magic is in everything for sure for you are the one I adore

Magic is in everything you do for I love you............

Sunday, February 16, 2014


सावन का महीना है !!
बारिश कि बूंदे टपक रही है....!!
आँखों में मेरे ,तेरे लिए .....
प्यार बरस रहा है........!!

खुदरत का भी खेल अनोखा है....

न बारिश में हम भीग सकते है !!
नाहीं प्यार का तुझसे इज़हार कर सकते है....!!

करे  तोह सिर्फ एक काम है............
चुपके से दोनों का दीदार कर सकते है...........!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Thinking of reprising my blog and couldn't find anything note worthy to write off (may be its just my mind set which does not anymore think of writing ).........i decided to finally update this blog with a post which contains data from something which was at one time an integral part of our lives (for people who knew and used it though)..........i.e ORKUT

With the advent of Facebook ,orkut had to take a back step and give way to the biggest online country :D

All this is a treasure ,the love of friends and their expressions for you.......Good old days ,so wanted to share some of that with my readers :)
let me first copy paste the about me which i wrote for myself in orkut and it pretty much defines me totally :

About Chaits

A very simple person when you look at,an exciting person when you initially make friends with,a true friend when you get a bit more close,a person to die for when you completely know ..............i think this is what i am.
A person with whom you can identify yourself ,associate with easily,have fun,share the heavier side of life......just know me for knowing what life is all about!!


and this is what i believe in..........

Smile though your heart is aching
Smile even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you smile through your fear and sorrow
Smile and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Light up your face with gladness
Hide every trace of sadness
Although a tear may be ever so near
That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile

That's the time you must keep on trying
Smile, what's the use of crying?
You'll find that life is still worthwhile
If you just smile.

On the whole i am like a mirror ,u get a reflection of what you are to good to me i am the best and be bad to me am the worst.

and some testimonials which my friends wrote for me :

swathi tatavarthi Dec 25, 2006
he is a giant with gigantic heart..which can accomodate any number of lovely persons ..he is an umbrella stick..spreading his love of umbrella to all those dearest ones...chaitu..rock hard to look at but soft as wax inside...lucky would be the girl who would chose him..

satya k. v Feb 17, 2007
What should I write of a guy who has been close to me since last nine years….
I have so many memories to cherish now and for future….the cricket we played, the movies we saw, the glorious moments at vizag beach, moving here and there day in and day out.undoubtedly he is my best friend.
And the way he handles relationships and people impresses me a lot….he is such a jovial and smart guy that he can conquer the whole world….he is a guy who is pleasant at all times and handles the toughest of the tough situations easily….since nine long years we have grown from letters which come by post to e-mail and I like his consistency in every part of life…..i think I am very lucky being his friend and wish our friendship lasts as long as sun and moon(surya and chandra)…..i wish u all the best buddy…

well what should i say he is a wonderful person very friendly supportive and lazy not fully a bit but i thank god that he has given me a friend like him i wish our friendship last's long forever inkaa hmmmmm........
he is a great fan of dada and king khan .........
i wish god will be there with him when he need's help ofcoures i will also be there 4 helping him .........ALL THE BEST chaitu [idiot,maddy]this is how i call him.i will not forget u in my life.

Apr 12, 2007
CHAITANYA.... Cool and nice buddy.. Someone who is always there to give you smile and share your sorrows. He's intelligent and sharp but best thing this chap has is always happy go lucky nature. Chaitu, as we know him by this name is simply amezing friend. He's very helpful and never shows any attitudes.

He's funny and naughty. Loves to pull legs and play pranks. But all in good sense, giving smiles and good time. A big movie buff and die hard SRK fan, Chaitu is chatter box with whom you can talk on anything at anytime. Smiles and good time? Assured!

Nice to know you. 

Roshan Purohit Apr 16, 2007
chaitanya - this guy has always hit me with his various positive skills and attitudes. he is an ambitious fellow who dreams about touching the sky and he is trying hard to touch that unlimited sky . he has the required sincerity in abundance and can really gear up to put them well. he has the magnetic potential to attract gals towards him and play prank with them :X ( no more on this topic) hehe .he is very extrovert and can tell you what he thinks on an issue on the face.he always stood behind others who were in need of help (except me :( ).he never gets angry on any one any time any where and under any circumstances .he trying hard something to do at this time and i dunno on what position he stands now :( as he did not disclosed that :( i m proud to be his friend and i would like to wish him best luck for his future and keep growing further like nariyal ka jaad :D as he is very jealous on me because i m 6 4 and he is 6 ft hehe all the best lungi and keep smiling Regards Roshan @ roaustin @ roshi:D

sai pavan. Adapa. Jun 9, 2007
chaitanya,my bava has been an inspiration for me from the childhood. He was always an attractive personality from the childhood particularly the way he used to narrate us various stories,those days when he used to mimic various people were all wonderful.We that is the whole children gang (lead by my bava himself) used to have a blast whenever we all met.The way he handles different situations and analyses things is something i really appreciate,any trouble any time bava is the right person to guide u through the difficult times.Hes so understanding and always stands by you when you are in need of help.Hes also one jovial guy who can make you laugh at any given time with his antics.I always thought he is a bit shy in talking with girls but am amazed with his popularity amongst girls in the recent visit to vizag On the whole he simply rocks.

Gaurav Arora Aug 5, 2007
Chaitu bhai..the best frnd one cud hv..he is the coolest person I have ever come across..witty..funny..full of masti..always high on spirts..few things I wanna share wid u all he is a biggest fan of saurav dada N much bigger fan of SRKhe is a very inteligent guy N has a suggestion up his sleeve always..Its been a gr8 knowing him..met him once..hope will see more of him in futureI wish him all the best for all his future endeavours..may GOD bless him with all the luck,happyness,success..cheers..gaurav

Oct 5, 2007
1024 characters are no way sufficient to write about this great human being but i will try to limit myself,chaitu i have known him for three months and the impact he has on me and my life in such short span with his thoughts is simply amazing, he is a true gem of a person and i am glad to know him and very proud to have him as a friend of mine.He has shown me what life is all about and guided me in a proper manner, Hes very good at speaking and his words are so impressive that they leave their impression on your heart and are very influential. Hes the right person to approach if you are feeling low or having a small problem also.Hes intelligent,witty,kind,helpful,friendly,values relationships and is so easy to get along.hes also a big srk fan like me and i am glad that i met him in one of the srk communities.Hoping this time around when i am in INDIA you would be able to spend with me and wishing you such luck that you reach the pinnacles in your career which you can do easily with the sort of talent u have.

Jogendra @9916299085 Nov 28, 2007
chaitu....veedi gurinchi yenta cheppina takkuve....I spent most of my colllege days with him....we njoyed a lot during engg....first year engg lo vaadu CR ga vunnappudu kottina college bunk inkeppudu kotta ledu....tution ki veladamani beach ki tesukelli roju yedo story cheppi naminchese vadu...I still remember computer lo copy paste nunchi CD writing varaku anni narpinchindi nuvve ra....appudappudu koddiga tikkaga behave chesevadu..but vadi manchitanam mundu avanni pedda pattinchu kovakkarledu..yedi amaiyna I am feeling proud to have a good frnd like you..I am wishing you all the best for u r future Endeavors..

Sravs the original princess Feb 28, 2008
A true sweetheart,ee abbayi chaala manchodu ani balla guddi rojullo chedda alavaatlu leni abbayilu kastam,vallalo veedu okadu,Veediki kopam ekkuve mukku meede vuntundi kopam,paiki chaala hard gaa kanipinchinaa manasu maatram venna ,tanu manchi mood lo vunte tinatoti vunnanta fun kaani masti kaani inkekkadaa vundadu evaranna problem lo vunte hes always there to lend them a helping hand,tana toti vunna vallani baagaa ardam chesukuntaadu oka vidham gaa cheppalante veedu perfect husband material so caring so loving so sincere and committed inthakante ye ammayi ayinaa emi korukuntundi ,adore you a lot chaits keep rocking and am so happy to have you in my life.Oka chinna maata neeku value itchevallani neglect cheyyaka and neeku value ivvani valla gurinchi aalochinchaka hope you understand what i say.


Apr 10, 2008
chaithu ishappy-go-lucky man, Whatever the
surroundings may be, dull or cheerful,he remains
unaffected,he spreads cheer wherever chaitu will b.
chaitu got good leadership qualities and very good
at consoling people in their times of need,he
loves to help people out from difficult and tight spots
when they really need him.he is 24X7 moving helpline,
dislikes hypocrisy,he is very methodical and organized in work.
No amount of mess, he likes allsituations and
things to be in the way his heart desires,
which,.he got a good mesmerizing voice.
chaitanya is gentle person with a genteel heart. god b with u

Apr 12, 2008
Chaitu................touch me not.
out of our 10 long years relation i found that.he is good,he is calm at the same time he is really professional.the only quality which made me so close to him.we are friends for ever.aanother thing i noticed is when he studies no one knows,when he plays no one knows,but he does everything.................all the time he is one of my good friend.from the bottom of my heart wishing him all the best.

If u know need to read this because u too know its correct.
#vannu# izerbedi Apr 25, 2008
well... hw would i start..... hmmmm............ ya.. k...... no no.....wait.............. asalu........................ ehe.... ... emi gurthu raavatledenti............... ante.... idi.... koncham........ arey nee gurinchi cheppadaniki emundani.......... inka chadivestunnave.... kothi dana............. ehe neku testimonial rayadam na valla kaaadamma ... anni abdhaaalu cheppadam ante kastam... sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...........;-) :-P one of ma sweetest friend listens n understands u patiently.n very ................................helpful wat u cal that haaaaaaaaa diddarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dostttttttttttgoog to hav u as friend dear..............................but wait u knw wat your still ** dog** fr meeeeeeeee doggy dogyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Apr 30, 2008
I still remember the day when we met first time in my B.Tech first year.That was my first computer lab he sat beside me and asks me some doubt about how to write the program in "C".at that time time i don't know about him what he is?and his talent but now i know what he is?really he is so talented and calm going cool guy.I am really so happy to have him as my friend.I really thankful to him for his great support througout my
whenever i went to vizag i used to go to his house only.because veedokkdu maatrame naaku close 4nd in my and tani gani vaalla mummy gani 4nds ni chala baga chustaru.....generalga compare chesukunte he is so talented and i am quite opposite for that.not only in studies in everything he is so far away froem me.i mean anni visayalalo naakante chala height lo unnadu.appudappudu aalochiste anipistuu untundi veedu naaku ela 4nd ayyada ani?

i really feel so proud and lucky to have him as my 4nd........

Apr 30, 2008
chaitu nenu scrap chesina cheyaka poina,call chesina cheyaka poina.........
you are always remain in my heart as my 4nd.........
ninnu eppudu marchiponu eppatiki marchiponu.
when i feel onely you r with me in my
I never forget the support and help by you in my days...........
naaku telisi nenu ninnu eppudu hurt mistake naaku teliyakunda ninnu eppudina hurt chesunte i am sorry for that.............

nuvvu korukunnavanni jaragalani nuvveppudu suka,santosalatho happyga undalani eppudu korukune nee friend Butchi babu....

all the best chaitu keep rocking.....

Sravs the original princess Jun 12, 2008
You need a sunscreen in summer
You need an umbrella during the rainy season
and you need a swetter during the chilling winter
but one thing i need in common all during the year
thats you and your friendship.

chaitu a friend for all seasons

P.S : More testimonials to come satya k. v Sep 5, 2008
so guys n gals here is the much awaited testimonial for chaitu..part 2.....
when ever i think what i had in life which is worth saying only answer i can give is not my educational background or my job prifile but a friend like him....who made a huge impact in life...i think he is the one who knows everything about me..
his words make me energetic,smile,rejoice and what not..
he is indeed the best part of my life......i think this testimonial will not be sufficient to write.....will certainely have many more to come..
i think friends he is the best friend and the best person whom i can ever relay upon....he is like ATM when i need cash,advisor when i need sugession and he is turely the best.....inka anti koncham emotional as well and the best part of our friendship is we both have same thnings common in our individual various i told u still more to come so wait for more....a big applause to me for writing this and also give it to ur self since u had this much patience to read...
Feb 2, 2009
ahhhem ahhem...chaitu as i call him is my brothers friend
n i m so close 2 him...he is witty ,funny n jovial n a real good friend...u meet him once n get tangled in his friend ship..dats wat happned with me ...a nice human being ready to help u any time ...simply speaaking his bond with my bro makes me feel great
dat dey r so close just lyk brother in arms...
girlz beware ...even u lyk him he thinks twice before talking 2 u so shy n blushy
his charm has all d damsels drooling down d country side...but he is possess a strong a nd a clear heart...dats what is chaitnya in a nut shell for me
mama treat ivvaali mari....kummesaana

Monday, January 10, 2011

Nothing stays with me for long !!

The dreams of my heart and my mind pass,

Nothing stays with me for long,

But from child I have something inherent in me

The ability to spread love rather than hate;

If that should ever leave me,

Let me find death and stay

With things whose tunes are played and forgotten

Like the rain of yesterday……….!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Never forget a special day.
Never miss a chance to say,
All the good things that you feel,
A loving kiss can always heal.
Desire should make you swoon,
Each and everyday should be a honeymoon.
Nothing can ever be more important than your lover.
Never give a passionate thought to any other.
To make love last for all eternity,
The "ME" must become "WE".
When your heart is full of affection,
Love will always know the right direction........

Friday, March 19, 2010


For whom am I sacrificing
all the love of my life?
will she be with me forever?
I know that the answer is "NO",
Deep in my heart
I long for her
With all her weakness,
I love her
but this world
won't understand my love.
even she won't understand
the depth of my love.
Like many,
who couldn't get their love.
my dreams will remain,
just as dreams.
. .

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Yes you might have heard this so many times even I did, but today has been a day which has really taught me the importance of this sentence. The day started at 5 in the morning with a phone call that the bus that my parents are traveling met an accident. Gosh I was immediately worried for them but got respite in sometime that they escaped without even a small scratch .I thank the Gods that I pray daily for this. The day progressed ahead and on work as usual I had to travel on the National Highway -5 ,the same road that I daily travel to and fro ,the same road that I see day in day out as my house is close to the national highway. But today I didn’t find it as amusing as it used to daily, I didn’t find it as proud to be of as I ever used to be……….reason I have seen two people dieing in front of my eyes when an auto they were traveling in was dashed by a lorry . It all happened in a split second ( life changes in a second- the new docomo ad tag is so true ) and there ahead of my vehicle on the road were lying two dead bodies and the whole road was bloodshed ,my heart cried for them …..although I don’t have any idea on who the two victims were, it was a real sad incident that I witnessed and it was reeling in my mind the whole day today.

I request all my friends and people whom I know or who ever reads this blog to please be slow on your vehicles and never risk your life for anything. I prayed to GOD to take care of my friends who daily go on bike to work, who travel in heavy traffics than I do ,for whom I CARE.